Clothing Care

At The Lace Sparrow, we want to provide you with adequate information to take care of your new attire.

Most garments will have a care label attached. Please follow the instructions per the attached care label. If garment DOES NOT have a care tag attached, please follow these simple rules to protect your new items:

Machine wash cold, on a gentle cycle, inside out with like colors. (Dark items may bleed with initial wash, so be sure to wash dark clothing with other dark clothing only.)

It is recommended to hang or lay your boutique clothing items flat to dry. We do NOT recommend placing your boutique garments in the dryer. If an item is placed in the dryer, it may shrink. Items shrinking from being placed in a dryer or washed in a washing machine when the care tag states to hand wash only, are not considered as a damage/defect.

We hope these few, simple care instructions help you to take the best care of your new Lace Sparrow attire.